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  • 1 Sanatorium Oaza
    Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Ośrodek Rehabilitacji i Odnowy Biologicznej "OAZA" sp. z o.o.
  • 2 Gabinet odnowy Marilyn Monroe
    Masaż podwodny, hydromasaż powietrzny z chromatoterapią i muzykoterapią.
  • 3 Grota solna
    1 seans w grocie solnej dostarcza organizmowi tyle pierwiastków i mikroelementów, ile 2-dniowy pobyt nad morzem.
  • 4 Tężnie nocą
    Inowrocławskie tężnie nocą. Piękne o każdej porze roku.
  • 5 Złota Sala
    Miejsce spotkań nie tylko bliskich krewnych, przyjaciół, ale również znajomych ze szkolnej ławy.

Our wide offer of treatments includes:

Balneotherapy – a set of medical treatments which make use of: water, subterranean water, moor mud poultices and moor mud baths. It improves immunology, physical efficiency and functions of many organs as well as it accelerates regeneration and healing processes after serious illnesses.

Hydrotherapy – a kind of therapeutic procedures based on water and taking advantage of its physicochemical, mechanical and thermal properties (mostly temperature and pressure).

Physiotherapy – a therapy which takes advantage of various physical factors, both natural and man-made. They stimulate biological processes in tissues. These treatments rely on: electrical currents, magnetic field, ultrasounds, thermal stimulus (high and low temperature) and light (laser, sollux).

Massages – this is the oldest method used in therapeutics. It consists of a set of techniques and manual pressures which mechanically affect the skin, subcutaneous tissues, muscles, joint capsules and ligaments. Thanks to the bodily reflexes it triggers, the therapy improves circulatory, nervous and endocrinic systems as well as functions of internal organs.

Kinesitherapy – a therapy whose therapeutic value lies in bodily movements: physical exercises involving different kinesiatric methods and restoring patients’ physical fitness.

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