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  • 1 Sanatorium Oaza
    Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Ośrodek Rehabilitacji i Odnowy Biologicznej "OAZA" sp. z o.o.
  • 2 Gabinet odnowy Marilyn Monroe
    Masaż podwodny, hydromasaż powietrzny z chromatoterapią i muzykoterapią.
  • 3 Grota solna
    1 seans w grocie solnej dostarcza organizmowi tyle pierwiastków i mikroelementów, ile 2-dniowy pobyt nad morzem.
  • 4 Tężnie nocą
    Inowrocławskie tężnie nocą. Piękne o każdej porze roku.
  • 5 Złota Sala
    Miejsce spotkań nie tylko bliskich krewnych, przyjaciół, ale również znajomych ze szkolnej ławy.


Oaza Sanatorium [the Polish name stands for: Oasis] is situated in Inowrocław – a town of 80 thousand which, historically, was the capital of West Cuyavia, and which boasts a 130-year-long tradition of providing healthcare and spa treatments. The discovery of salt resources half way through the 19th century was a unique trigger for the development of treatment facilities and services here.

The mild climate of the place has salubrious effects on the organism; its low-irritation properties are particularly beneficial for patients with circulatory, locomotor and respiratory disorders and for those suffering from rheumatism.

The sanatorium is located in the direct neighbourhood of a 55-hectacre Brine Park [Park Solankowy], which was acclaimed as one of seven wonders of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship in 2009. Resort Park [Park Zdrojowy] includes such landmarks as: Acoustical Shell [Muszla Koncertowa], Pope’s Gardens [Ogrody Papieskie], Mineral Water Pumproom [Pijalnia wód mineralnych], Palm House [Palmiarnia], Cuyavian Cottage [chata kujawska] and, what is most important, free-of-charge graduation towers acting as a natural inhalator. The graduation towers reach nine metres in height and 332 metres in length. All the way along them there is a view deck which enables visitors to admire the panorama of the resort.

Facing our facility, across the street, stands recently-built and just-opened (in May 2013) Inowrocław Thermal Spring Centre [Terma Inowrocławska]. In its close vicinity, supporters of football and track and field events will find a renovated City Stadium [Stadion Miejski]. Visitors are also encouraged to take advantage of summer cultural events held in Summer Theatre [Teatr Letni].

Treatment specialisations

We specialise in treatments and rehabilitation of patients affected by:

  • locomotor disorders;
  • neurological disorders;
  • rheumatic disorders.
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